Who We Serve and Where:
We primarily serve the South Eastern Virginia, Richmond and Washington D.C. areas and surrounding communities and offer valuable face-to-face client care. We provide on-site service to both commercial and residential clients, addressing the needs of small to mid-size businesses, non-profit organizations, and individual homes. With our data center in Reston Virginia, 37West also offers a wide array of private cloud based services through our Cloud37.net service from offsite backup, email services, website hosting, digital signage, offsite co-lo of your existing server(s), and much more! 

Corporate Address:
8 San Jose Drive Dr., Suite 3A
Newport News, VA 23606

Our Mission:
To provide high quality technology & website design/development services. Through collaborative efforts that deliver innovative solid  solutions, that minimize downtime, minimize costs, increase productivity, increase awareness, promote technology and encourage self-sufficiency through education. 

A Wonderful Start:
Established in January of 2011, 37West has grown from a two-man, home-office-based repair shop to a profitable and trusted technology firm with access to an array of highly qualified in-house technicians and resources. We attribute our company’s growth to a combination of clientele loyalty, referrals, and expert professionals delivering exceptional high-quality services.